Hi! My name is Antonio and I'm a passionate mobile

Long time Flash dev. Heavy supporter of open source philosophy. Android fan from day one. Software craftsman wannabe at Novoda.

Antonio Bertucci
Antonio Bertucci
Skills & Expertise
  • 3+ years experience as professional, but started tinkering since Cupcake
  • deep knowledge of standard SDK and tools
  • strong acquaintance with platform UI/UX guidelines
  • high proficiency in crafting visual appealing UI/UX solutions using standard as well as full custom components
  • extensive knowledge of many well adopted 3rd party libs and extensions
  • good knowledge of web standards and tools (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON)
  • nice acquaintance with server-side development (PHP,JSP) and LAMP stack
  • solid understanding of CSS and responsive layouts
  • good acquaintance with jQuery and Bootstrap
  • seasoned Flash dev (occasionally freelancing), with 3+ years as professional AIR/Flex developer
  • deep knowledge of AIR SDK as well as Flex extensions and tools
  • extensive experience in targeting most popular mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)
  • pioneer in extending standard SDK with custom AIR Native Extensions
  • heavy background in software engineering and computer science
  • strong aquaintance with design patterns and software architecture
  • solid experience with Git and several other versioning control systems
  • high proficiency in learning new languages and frameworks
  • solid understanding of back-end design/development
  • good aquaintance with Unix-based environments
JUL 2013 - NOW @ Novoda
Android Software Craftsman

Working with one of the most talented and passionate team of Android developers, crafting beautiful and cutting-edge apps with clean code at heart.

JAN 2013 - JUL 2013 @ myself
Freelance Mobile Developer

Doing some freelance work as mobile developer, designing and building Android applications as well as consulting for AIR/Flex mobile solutions.

SEP 2010 - JAN 2013 @ SmallScreenDesign
Mobile Developer, Software Architect

I used to be involved actively in the entire process of making more than a dozen of mobile applications over the main mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry), using both native and cross-platform solutions (Adobe AIR/Flex Mobile).
Worked with some of the most talented studios in the industry ( ustwo™,  ubinow,  WDA,  etc ). My main expertise has been:

  • supporting early designs via fast prototyping
  • software engineering and code organization
  • working hard to grant UI/UX designers wishes come true

MAY 2007 - SEP 2007 @ UniCAL
Java Developer

Worked few months as consultant for information retrieval, structured data and applied machine learning, using one of the tool I worked with during my Bachelor Thesis.

2005 - 2010 @ myself
Freelance Developer

Occasional freelancing, usually doing some Flash, PHP and small Java projects for some local partner.

SEP 2006 - JUL 2010 @ UniCAL
MSc in Computer Engineering

Graduated with 110/110. Worked on a thesis about NLP, topic segmentation and clustering of non structured data.

SEP 2000 - JUL 2006 @ UniCAL
BSc in Computer Engineering

Graduated with 98/110. Worked on a thesis about information retrieval, web scraping and applied machine learning.


While working at SmallScreenDesign I've been involved in the creation of several mobile applications for our clients and partners. Below a small selection of works I am allowed to showcase:

Cassandra Stand
Winner of the MAX 2011 Public Favorite Prize of the Adobe AIR App Challenge, sponsored by Sony.
Cassandra Stand is an elegant, cross-platform mobile application which transforms your device in a useful and visual appealing stand with Date & Clock, Weather Forecast and Top Stories from more than 50 Countries.  ...more
SuperEnalotto+ is an Android application which let you easily:
  • check the latest winning draws
  • visualize informations about prizes and winners
  • generate and manage your lucky numbers
  • check your combinations for each extraction
Skyline Webcams
Skyline is a technology developed by VisioRay® for cultural and tourist purposes. Mobile and internet users in all countries and regions will have the possibility to enjoy a real virtual tour through scenic webcams shooting interesting places and panoramic views from around the world.  ...more
SmoothBeats.com is a group of hip-hop and jazz web radios streaming non-stop underground and mainstream hiphop beats 24 hours a day. This radio application was designed and developed by Small Screen Design. SmoothBeats.com Radio features a complete personalized UI and supports ShoutCast metadata and streaming.  ...more

As a developer I love to be challenged and to push my limits further. I appreciate to work with talented people and emphasize on discussion and collaboration.

As an engineer I love elegantly written code, organization and agile techinques. I'm obsessed by performances and optimizations and I always try hard to find the more robust yet flexible solution possible.

As a design lover I especially pursue to work close to talented designers in order to deliver visual appealing and innovative experiences to final users.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to drop me a line:

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